Latest Testimonies

Praise the Lord. In the month of February 2011, I had gone to Udaipur for my railway training for a period of 2 months.  But, I was finding it difficult to understand the studies. My mother then informed Pastor Saroja and requested her to pray for me. Pastor assured my mother of her prayers. After prayers within a few days, I started to find it easier to understand my studies. After my training was completed, my exams were scheduled on 15 Apr. Again we requested Pastor Saroja for prayers. By the grace of God and Pastor Saroja’s prayers my exams went well and I have passed my railway exams. I want to give millions of thanks to the Lord almighty and Pastor Saroja for her faithful prayers for me.
Sis. Shelly Arikswamy

Praise the Lord.  I thank my Lord Jesus for the wonderful work He has done in my life. Hema, my wife and me were married for nearly 4½ years but my wife had not conceived. So we requested Pastor Saroja to pray for us. By the grace of God and Pastor Saroja’s prayers my wife, Hema has now conceived. I would like to thank our Lord Jesus Christ for His loving kindness, grace and mercy on us. We also thank Pastor Saroja for her sincere prayers for me and my family.
Bro. Chetan Chilla

Praise the Lord. My wife, Diana and me have completed 5 years of married life but we did not have a child. When we consulted a doctor, he suggested that we wait for 2 years as my wife was suffering from fits. Even when we completed 2 years and inspite of constant medication and doctor’s visits my wife did not conceive. Then last year on 5 Sep, 2010, which was my wife’s birthday, Pastor Saroja prayed for Diana very earnestly for a child. The Lord Jesus who is a faithful God, heard and answered Pastor Saroja’s prayers and now after 5 years my wife Diana has conceived. This is only possible because of Pastor  Saroja’s prayers which our Lord Jesus has heard and answered. I thank Pastor Saroja with all my heart and give all glory, honour and praise to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Bro. Kamlesh Rathod

My neighbor Nikke had given his SSC exams this year but he was scared that he would not pass as he was a little weak in studies. I placed a prayer request for Nikke during the fasting prayer held in Rose of Sharon Church, Kalina, that he should pass his SSC. The Lord has heard this prayer request and Nikke has passed his SSC exams with 66% i.e. First class. This is only the Lord's doing in Nikke's life.
I thank the Lord with all my heart for answering this prayer request and also thank Pastor Saroja who prayed for the prayer request and whose faithful prayers the Lord has honored and answered.
Sis. Anna Mary

When I was six years old a thorn pricked my foot-sole and on the same day that part of my foot got brunt as I stamped a bursting cracker. The thorn got sealed in my leg for years and gave me unbearable pain for the past 23 years of my life. At time I felt miserable with pain and would limp. I had requested our Pastor to pray for my foot. To my joy, the pain of 23 years vanished for this past few months is never came even as I traveled the most. Thank-you Jesus, my healer. Thank you dear pastor Saroja for your fervent prayers for me.
Sis. Mercy George

I was tensed for my youngest daughter's marriage, because I was not having money. I had called up Pastor Saroja and told her this matter. Pastor said she would pray for me and not to worry, God will provide all your needs. After that I went to a shop to buy the things. The shopkeeper himself told me, you take all things what you need and I brought all things without paying anything and I had called up for wedding chairs last moment tent guy came and put tent but the chairs provided by church. God provided all things what I needed without paying anything. Infact, I was not having money in my hand God gave me extra money to buy other all necessary needs, all by the grace of God and by answering His daughter's prayer. I thank Lord for His grace and mercy and I thank our Pastor Saroja for her faithful prayer.
Sis. Damyanth

I would like to give testimony about my husband Pratap. Since last 3 to 4 years he was suffering from pain because he had boils (glands) in his chest and stomach. He was under treatment but there was no difference. He then started to apply the prayer oil without fail and the Lord Jesus healed him completely from pain and glands and all glands are disappeared now and he his completely alright. Secondly he was not having a proper job and Lord Jesus blessed him with a new job and since the last one year he is working. I give all glory and thanks to my Lord Jesus. Also I thank Pastor Saroja for praying for the requests.
Sis. Damyanthi

Last week I was having fever and vomiting and I couldn’t eat or drink anything as nothing would stay in my stomach. I told this matter to Pastor Saroja and Pastor prayed for me in the Saturday’s healing service. After Pastor prayed, I was completely healed. I give all glory, praise and honour to our Lord Jesus Christ and also thank Pastor Saroja for her continuous prayers for me and my family.
Bro. Brijesh Patel

At the beginning of October 2009, our annual medical was scheduled. I requested Pastor Saroja to lift me up in prayers, because every year this is a cause of concern.
By God’s grace, the medical check up went off well without any concerns. But when my medical reports came, my family doctor was worried and as some reports were not too good. He made me undergo specific retests once again. Again, I requested Pastor Saroja for the prayers. But all glory and honour to our Lord, my reports were all clear whatever was Dr’s concern, it was regated.
My immense thanks to God for His hand of grace upon his children, and also thanks to Pastor Saroja for her fervent prayers for my family and me. Her prayers have given us victory always. Thank you Lord Jesus. All glory and honor only to You.
Sis. June Anchan


Deliverance from Leprosy
Praise the Lord. My name is Sudhakar Salins. I would like to share my testimony about how the Lord healed me from leprosy which I had on my feet. Some time back I informed Pastor Saroja about the leprosy. Pastor had prayed for me and advised me to apply only prayer oil on my feet. I followed her advice and my leprosy has now completely disappeared. How much I thank my Lord is less! I also thank Pastor Saroja from my heart and thank my Jesus Christ from my heart, mind and soul who healed me. All glory to my Saviour alone!!
Sudhakar Salins, Mumbai

Healed from AIDS
Praise the Lord. My name is Ramesh Surthi from Malad. One day I suddenly got high temperature and I went to the Doctor who advised me to undergo a blood test. In the blood test reports it was revealed that I was HIV +ve. I was complely broken down. Then my wife and myself came to visit Pastor Saroja of Rose of Sharon Church. I told her everything. She then explained to me about the Lord's love and prayed for me to the Lord Jesus with tears.
The good Lord heard and answered her prayers and today I am completely healed from AIDS. I thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ a million times who heard and answered Pastor Saroja's prayers. Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus !!
Ramesh Surthi,

Delivered from evil
I have personally come to the Rose of Sharon Church, Kalina from Pune to testify about the mighty work the Lord has done in my life. I came to the Rose of Sharon Church through a friend one year ago and realised that God uses Pastor Saroja mightily for many people and for their problems.
One night my younger brother Shashank woke up crying and frightened, he said he could see some evil spirit and the spirit was talking to him all the time and threatening him. We took him to the hospital that night itself as he had high fever and could not sleep but on the way to the hospital in the rickshaw also he kept seeing the same evil spirit and continued seeing him everywhere even when we reached the hospital.
We were very confused and did not know what was happening. Then I remembered Pastor Saroja and the Rose of Sharon Church. I immediately called her and explained to her the situation. Pastor assured me of her prayers and from that night onwards my brother slept well and the fever left him completely.
I am so grateful to Pastor Saroja for her immediate and fervent prayers. I thank the Lord Jesus for answering her prayers and saving my brother. I give all glory to God and thank Him for His mighty work.
Natasha Xavier,