Pastor Saroja was brought up in a Hindu background. In the year 1990, a missionary sister came to her house and spoke about the Lord Jesus Christ, about His life and the miracles that He had done. They gifted her the Holy Bible, which was kept aside for sometime, but later became the most precious possession of her life.

In the year 1993, after a touch from the Lord Jesus Christ, she experienced a dramatic change in her life. Jesus Christ brought her from darkness to light. Since then she has devoted her life in fulfilling the call of God upon her as a prophetess. There are many things done by the Lord through this faithful servant, which are witnessed by many at the Rose of Sharon Church.

She has been an instrument of the Lord to bring tremendous blessings in the lives of many families and individuals. There rests the calling of a prophetess on her life. Just as in the days of old, today the Lord speaks to her in visions and dreams. Every prophecy and revelation has been confirmed as coming from the Holy Spirit of God. Through words of counsel and correction, which she speaks through the Holy Spirit, many people, especially the church members have experienced the divine cleansing of God in their lives. People who have accepted these virtues of the Lord working through her, are the carriers of manifold blessings today.

She has authored 3 books entitled 'Jeevan Jyothi Vol 1' and 'Jeevan Jyothi Vol 2' , which contains some of her cherished moments of what the Lord has done in her life and how He began blessing her. She has just mentioned them in a concise manner. This book will lead you to understand how true dedication, obedience and enduring of sufferings, can bring the peace and blessings of God through Jesus Christ.

The third book 'Jeevan Jyothi Vol 3' is a collection of messages that she has preached at various gatherings. There will be many more books in future containing the mysterious and powerful works of the Holy Spirit done through this prophetess.

She is also the founder and Managing Trustee of the Rose of Sharon Trust, which is a non-profit charitable organisation. As led by the Holy Spirit and a deep burden for the aged, widows, orphans and destitutes, The Rose of Sharon Old Age Home provides shelter to such needy individuals. For more details visit the site

Her life is a living testimony of a true believing Christian. The simple faith and the love of God which is seen through her, has given a profound impact on many individuals seeking the truth.